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Where my dragon egg landed?

I purchased while playing an event but didn’t get it only got gems. It happened 2nd time may be they are somewhere but I couldn’t find it please help. Thanks

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I can't not get anywhere on boneyard isle

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Farming Stones

Just wondering which level everybody uses to farm stones?
I just converted Drakeshire 9 because it only takes 1 chalice to start (3 to continue), relatively easy to clear, and has 3 dragons to start with.
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Healing Land

Does anyone know how many level 9 orbs are needed to heal all the land in camp?
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How can you check your username???
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How to get level 10 peagsus
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My game disappeared!

I recently added a new SD card and went to open my game.....WTH! I have been playing daily for over six months and was halfway to level 20. Plus I spent a lot of money, I really don't want to start over again. How do I get my game back??????
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(REMASTERED) Idea for an update: Level Editor

*Some of you guys may remember me posting this idea some time ago, in both the wiki and Discord. But this time, I have remastered it, taking into consideration of what RapaxArdens, KittyLune and drallyowl2 said in Discord (Thanks you 3!). Plus I’ve made my own prediction images below so that you all can imagine my idea better (please look carefully to each).

I feel like that one day, there should be an update where people can make their own levels for others to solve. What I have in mind is that the level editors alone add square lands and put objects, dead land (and determine its strength), super dead land, win conditions (must), Goal Stars (for Normal Levels) or determine the time allowed (for Challenge levels). The objects that the editors can use are the ones that they have discovered in their camps, including "level-only" objects like the Heal Extender. Of course, the level editors must be able to complete their own levels if they want to submit it, maybe more than once in a row if necessary. The ones who complete these user-edited levels should not gain any reward to bring back to the camp, not even magic currency nor bricks, otherwise there will be that one guy who will make a level full of resources for people to take home, breaking the game (or if not, set a limit to how many a player can get for a level. Or create a separate currency to purchase non-mechanical/decorative objects like Autumn Trees) .I don't think Chalices should be charged for these levels. Hopefully the Devs could make something similar to this happen one day (not that I'm forcing the Devs or anything, I know that this a Major idea which may be difficult for them to implement) because some players are getting bored due to the lack of levels. So what do you guys think?

Anticipated Responses (Kindly read before replying):
Q: You used pictures of actual levels from the game itself. A: Of course I know that, I am not that talented in Photoshop to make imaginary levels. I did this so that you can understand my concept better, rather than leaving those thumbnail spaces empty.
Q: People will make unfair/very hard/low-quality levels with this being a normally relaxing and decent game. A: This was why I added the “Search Criteria” Feature (2nd picture) and pre-set level categories (1st picture) so that players can effectively chose the types of levels they like.
Q: Players may not be honest in giving their ratings (2nd and 3rd picture). A: Well, the fact is that most User-Edited Levels today, like Geometry Dash’s, have fairly honest average ratings given by players.
Q: Level Editors can copy other level editor’s levels, or they intentionally draw/spell out age-restricted content with their levels. A: If so, players can use the “Report Level” Feature (3rd picture) and add the details, then the Devs can decide to take the appropriate action to that level and/or its Editor. But if players misuse the “Report Level” Feature, those players will be the one taken care of by the Devs instead. After all, players can give low ratings to these levels to discourage future players from playing them.
Q: Sometimes Pure Luck is required to complete levels, which is unfair (ex: In a challenge level, you need to wait for a puddle to turn into Spotted Mushrooms to progress, the time required for it to turn is random and detrimental to the victory of that challenge level) A: Yeah, this is an uncontrollable factor, so I minimized "Pure Luck" being a winning determinant by mentioning: "Level Editors may need to complete their own levels more than once in a row if necessary" in my idea.
Q: This idea is somewhat unnecessary/complicated/not very interesting, the game is fine the way it is, etc. A: I can understand that different people have different opinions, but if this is what you have in mind, please keep those thoughts to yourselves, unless you can identify another flaw in my idea not stated in here and explain it in some detail. Note that I also mentioned “(not that I'm forcing the Devs or anything, I know that this a Major idea which may be difficult for them to implement)” in my idea.
Q: Even if this actually happened, it is likely to cost real money to access this Level Editor feature. A: Well, I can't really say anything much about this. But well, doing this idea will take tons of sweat and hard work, so they do deserve the rights to charge this feature for a price.
Q: Your Idea seems very compelling and you thought a lot about it, but creating and maintaining this feature may inflict too much pressure to the Devs (they may not have the time and resources to make it happen). A: haha, well it's ok, no hard feelings. After all, I'm just suggesting this idea to the devs, not forcing them. But I mean, It would be interesting to see what unique levels players can make and it would be a cool Beta feature though. It'll be fun to see how far this idea can go.

If you think my idea was decent, please do consider Upvoting it here in the Wiki or in the Discord, regardless whether or not you found another flaw in my idea, that would mean a lot to me :)
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Changes to Nav Bar

As some of you may have noticed, I've changed a few things about the nav bar. The list of dragons was getting too long and meant a lot of editing of the nav bar. As I'm the only admin and at times swamped with other things, I want to keep changes to the nav bar minimal.

Instead of the Dragons, I put all the main merge chains. Let me know if you want any others added.
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Redo New Eggs event???

Is there a way to get the '$20 new dragon eggs'??? I got the money too late and now im worried that ill never get another chance to get the new eggs...
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Locked treasure chests

How can u tell what is inside the treasure chests without opening them?
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How do you retrieve message? After update my games was reset to original. I sent message to them. Now I have a envelope in my support but unable to retrieve any message.
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Time laps

My game crashed so I reinstall merge dragons and now there is a time laps. How do I fix this?
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Image upload mistake

I was updating the dragon chests article ( with images from the updated chests (which have different visuals) but the images have the wrong titles and i cant remove them from the uploaded database or rename them. Is there maybe and admin who can delete all of them for me? sorry.
Dragon Chests
Dragon Chests Merge Dragons Wiki
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Events trigger

I beat grassy 3 a long time ago, and get notifications for events...but have never seen any sign of them in the game. Is there something , and update I have ? I have been playing since November.
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Creation Question 156

Hi guys. I've been playing the game for over a year now, but I just now made an account to post this question...

I am on Creation Question 156 - Have Wordly Life Trees (level 14) and it is taking FOREVER to complete. I'm a nerd and made an excel spreadsheet to keep up with my progress and I'm officially 68% complete, but I still need roughly 60,000 level 1 life flower sprouts until I'm done. Technically I could skip the quest for 160 gems, which I'm considering doing, but would like to actually do the quest instead of using gems.

I wanted to see if anyone had any advice on how to make the process go by more quickly. My current plan of attack has been to continuously buy moon chests. Tons and Tons and Tons of moon chests :)

Any other strategies?
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Expanding dragonia

When will they expand dragonia? Have finished all levels, i almost have all my land cleared and i am getting bored. Any one have any news?
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