Introduction Edit

Backups can be important if you sell something by accident or if something goes wrong with your data. You wouldn't wanna lose all that progress.

Also if you want to move from one device to another, it's good to know where to find the data.

Merge Dragons doesn't have an automatic synchronizing at this point.

iOS Edit

Use the cloud for your backups.

<if anyone knows where to find the actual files, feel free to fill in more info>

Android Edit

For Android you can find the necessary files here:


Just copy the entire files folder to a computer or a different place on your device.

To reactivate your progress on another device, download the game and then start it once and immediately shut down again.

After that you can move the files from the old device to the new one to the same folder mentioned above.

On the next start, you should have your progress back.

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