Dragon chests come in different varieties and can be harvested from objects present in the Dragon world. They are locked and need to be opened with gems. They can also be obtained from land or through levels.

Depending from the object they were harvested from, they contain different new objects.

Type Cost (gems) Contains


Dragon Egg Chest 9, 11, 12, 17, 23 1-2 Eggs and several other small objects

Dragon Egg Chest

Golden Egg Chest 27, 33, 36, 51, 69 4 Dragon Eggs and several small objects

Golden Egg Chest

Dragon Nest Vault 45, 55, 60, 85 Dragon Egg Nest and several other objects

Dragon Nest Vault

Super Nest Vault 135 Mystery Nest (Supernest), Life Flowers, Life Orbs, Goal Stars, Coins

Super Nest Vault

Mega Nest Vault 750 Mystery Nest (Meganest) and several bigger objects

Mega Nest Vault

Cost-Types of Egg Chests Edit

<this list is not complete yet. Several objects spawn more than one Cost-Type>

Harvested from Cost Contains Special
Bushes 9 Green Dragon Egg
Dragon Trees 9 ???
11 ???
12 Tribal Dragon
17 Sapphire Egg,Fruit Can contain 2 Eggs
23 Ruby Fire Egg
Fruit Trees 11 Spotted Dragon Egg
Glowing Dragon Trees 12 Wise Dragons
12 Tribal Dragon Egg

Stone Bricks

Goal Stars 9 ???
11 ???
12 Tanzanite Mystery Egg, Life Orbs, Magic Coins
55 Cosmos dragons (byproduct from merging Goal Stars)
Golden Apples 17 Duck Egg, Golden Seeds, Levels 1-3 Water
23 Ruby Fire Egg

Life Orbs

Grass 9 Grass Dragon Egg
Grimm Trees 11 Gargoyle Dragon Egg
Hills 11 Rocs
Life Flowers 12 Life Dragon Egg, Life Orbs Can contain 2 eggs
Living Stones 9 Rock Dragon Egg
Midas Trees 17 Midas Duck Egg
Magic Mushrooms 11 Golem Dragon Egg
Mushrooms 11 Toadstool Dragon Egg
Prism Flowers 12 Butterfly Dragon Egg, Prism Flowers
Treasure Chests 9 Grass Dragon Egg, Life Flowers
11 Golem Dragon Egg, Magic Mushrooms
12 Tribal Dragon Egg, Stone Bricks
17 Sapphire Egg Can contain 2 Eggs
23 Ruby Fire Egg

Life Orbs

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