Produces an Egg. Sometimes Tap for a Seed.
~ Fountain of Legend


Fountains of Legends is a type of fountain. It can be merged into Ancient Spring.

Tapping gives a Fruit Tree Seed every now and then and it also spawns a Sapphire Egg once.

It can sometimes be found as reward, typically in earlier levels, for 25 dragon gems.

When chosen as a reward and then placed in your camp via a loot orb, they will try to spawn a Sapphire Egg. If no tiles near them is free, they will try every 5 to 20 seconds to spawn the egg until success. They can also be occasionally tapped for Fruit Tree seeds, roughly once for every 5 minutes of in-game time, making them extremely useful for fruit tree related quests in camp.

Like most objects in the game, the fountain of legends can be merged to create new, better objects. In this case, the objects form the Shimmer Fountains match chain.

The fountain of legend can be sold for 75 Magic Coins but it is not sold at the shop in camp.

How to Gain Edit

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