Summary Edit

Fruit Trees can be found as rewards, in Moon Chests, from Dragon Chests or from tapping Shimmer Fountains.

Fruit Trees can also be creaed by merging Fruit Tree Leaves, which can be achieved as rewards from certain levels.

From level 4 to level 9, fruit trees can be harvested and tapped for fruits. Levels 4-5 grows only fruit, levels 6-7 can grow 2 fruits (stackable), levels 8-9 3 fruits(stackable) and level 10 4 fruits(stackable).

From Fruit Tree Sapling to Nice Fruit Tree there are occasionally growing Life Flower Sprouts nearby.

From Aged Fruit Tree to Ancient Fruit Tree there are occasionally growing Life Flowers nearby.

A Mystical Fruit Tree will occasionally grow Blue Life Flowers nearby.

All fruit trees from Young Fruit Tree and onwards are also occasionally growing Fruit Tree Seeds nearby, however the spawning chances are lower than the Life Flowers Sprout/Life Flower's one's.

Level Size Rarity Name Description Sells For
1x1 Common Leaf of a Fruit Tree This leaf is lucky. Merge to grow a Fruit Tree Sapling.
1x1 Common Seed Merge to grow a Sapling. Or wait a while... 1
1 1x1 Common Fruit Tree Sapling It's alive! It's ALIVE!!! 1
2 1x1 Common Young Fruit Tree Occasionally grows Life Flower Sprouts nearby. 2
3 1x1 Common Small Fruit Tree Occasionally grows Life Flower Sprouts nearby. 4
4 1x1 Common Fruit Tree Can sometimes Tap for Grapes. 8
5 1x1 Uncommon Large Fruit Tree Can sometimes Tap for a Raspberry. 15
6 1x1 Uncommon Nice Fruit Tree Can sometimes Tap for Bananas. 30
7 1x1 Rare Aged Fruit Tree Can sometimes tap for a Pear. 50
8 1x1 Rare Elder Fruit Tree Can sometimes tap for Dragon Fruit. (What are the chances?) 150
9 2x1 Epic Ancient Fruit Tree Can sometimes tap for a Pineapple. 300
10 2x1 Epic Mystical Fruit Tree Can sometimes tap for Watermelons. 500
Wonder 2x2 Mythical Magic Beanstalk Leads to the Heavens. Wonder #8 of the Merge Dragon World 2500


Life Flower Spawn Rate Edit

Each Fruit Tree from level 2(Young Fruit Tree) to level 10(Mystical Fruit Tree), got a distinctive spawn time range for its life flowers. From the moment a Fruit Tree is available, a random number in the range of the spawn timer which representing the amount of seconds will be generated. After that time has passed, the Fruit Tree will try to spawn a Life Flower. If empty tiles around it are available, it will spawn a Life Flower. Whether it will spawn it or not, either way the counter will be reseted afterwards and new random amount of seconds in the spawn timer range would be chosen for generating more life flowers.

The chart goes as follow:

Level Name Spawn Timer Range (Seconds) Average LFS* per hour
Life Flower Sprout Spawners (1 LFS):
2 Young Fruit Tree 30 - 600 11.429
3 Small Fruit Tree 25 - 400 15.159
4 Fruit Tree 20 - 300 22.5
5 Large Fruit Tree 15 - 200 33.482
6 Nice Fruit Tree 15 - 150 43.636
Life Flower Spawners (2.5 LFS):
7 Aged Fruit Tree 20 - 300 56.25
8 Elder Fruit Tree 15 - 200 88.705
9 Ancient Fruit Tree 10 - 150 112.5
Blue Life Flower Spawner (6.25 LFS):
10 Mystical Fruit Tree 10 - 200 214.286
* LFS stands for Life Flower Sprouts, note that Life Flower counts as 2.5 LFS and Blue Life Flower counts as 6.25 LFS

As can be seen, each timer a higher tree level is presented, better spawn time is available, though it jump up with every tree that spawn better life flower, yet decrease again.

Average LFS per hour is calculated as follows:

3600 / { [ ( < Max Spawner Timer Range - Min Spawner Timer Range Min > / 2 ) + Min Spawner Timer Range ] * Amount of LFS in Single Spawn }

As can be seen, level 10 is the most space efficient as even 2 adjacent level 8 trees will make near 180 LFS per hour compared to 214 of level 10. Also note worthy that alongside with Level 10 Fruit Trees the best lower level tree to go along is Level 8 Fruit Tree, as Level 9 Fruit Tree hold two tiles however only yeild 112.5 LFS per hour.

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