Summary Edit

Golden Apples can be obtained by tapping or harvesting Midas Trees or sometimes harvested from Fruit Trees.

Merging them has a random chance of producing Magic Coins or Dragon Egg Chests, costing 17 dragon gems to open instead of a higher level apple.

Price wise, it is recommended to sell the level 3 apples, as if you merge 3 you get 1 nest chest and 2 egg chests, equal total of 80 coins, while 3 level 3 apples worth 90 coins.

Level Size Rarity Name Description Sells For
1 1x1 Epic Golden Apple Fruit from King Midas's Garden. 8
2 1x1 Epic Giant Golden Apple Touched by a Midas Duck. 15
3 2x2 Legendary Golden Apple of the Cosmos This fruit has a strange, goldeny-magic about it. 30

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