Summary Edit

Grimm Seeds spawn by tapping graves, Level 4 and up and also spawn from Grimm Trees.

Grimm Trees can be harvested for Grimm Chests, Necromancer Grass. They spawn Necromancer Grass and rarely also Grimm Seeds nearby.

Level Size Rarity Name Description Sells For
1x1 Uncommon Grimm Seed The Darkness radiates from within 2
1 1x1 Uncommon Grimm Sapling A ghostly plant 4
2 1x1 Uncommon Young Grimm Tree A ghastly plant 8
3 1x1 Uncommon Small Grimm Tree An eerie tree 15
4 1x1 Rare Grimm Tree A spooky tree 30
5 1x1 Rare Dark Grimm Tree A spectre of a sight 50
6 1x1 Rare Foreboding Grimm Tree A grim growith 150
7 1x1 Epic Grimm Tree of Dread A scary tree 300
8 1x1 Epic Chilling Grimm Tree A supernatural tree 500
9 2x1 Legendary Grimm Tree of Fear It's branches sever the sky
10 2x1 Mythical Grimm Tree of Despair Its roots impale the heart of the Earth 2500

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