Summary Edit

Levels are one of the core features of Merge Dragons. There's currently 164 Levels among them 13 are Secret Levels but there are more to come.

Levels cost Dragon Chalices to play. Most need only one but some need 2, 3 or 5. Those are noted in the table below.

There are Secret Levels which are presented by an object on the level choosing map, which are tappable. Those are also noted in the table below.

Each Level gives you level rewards and playing them a number of times gives you extra object. First a type of Chest, then a Cosmos Dragon Egg, then a Cosmos Dragon Nest, and then the cycle begin again with a Chest.

Playing levels is also the best way to get Dragon Stars.

Each level has a name, a best time, best score and shows you how much it costs to play the level and what you can win by playing it n times.

Game Levels Edit

Tutorial levels Edit

Level Group Levels Names
Intro Ezra's Grave, Intro 1, Intro 2, Gaia's Garden
Grassy Grassy 1, Grassy 2, Grassy 3, Grassy 4, Grassy 5, Grassy 6, Grassy 7

Standard Levels Edit

Level Group Levels Names
Haven Star Haven, Rock Haven, Haven's End
Outskirts The Outskirts, Outskirts 2, Outskirts 3, Overbridge ,Outskirts 5 (Secret), Outskirts 6
Grove Green Grove, Skull Grove ,Archipelagrove, Island Grove, Shore Grove, Long Grove, The Secret of Four (Secret), Cliff Grove, Cross Grove: 2 Chalices, Lone Grove, Bridge Grove, Pebble Grove
Quarry Quarry 1, Quarry 2, Quarry 3: 3 Chalices, Quarry 4, Quarry 5: 3 Chalices, Quarry 6, Quarry 7, Open Lands, Quarry 8
Hilltop Hilltop 1, Hilltop Bluffs, The Crescent (Secret), Hilltop 2, Hilltop 4, Hilltop 5
Zomblin Falls Zomblin Falls 1, Zomblin Falls 2, Zomblin Falls 3
Fear Isle Fear Isle 1, Fear Isle 2, Fear Isle 3, Fear Isle 4, Fear Isle 5
Silent Bay Silent Bay 1, Silence of 2 (Secret), Silent Bay 3, Silent Bay 4, Silent Bay 5, Silent Bay 6, Silent Bay 7, Silent Bay 8, Silent Bay 9
Sun Veldt Sun Veldt 1, Sun Veldt 2, Sun Veldt 3, Sun Veldt 4, Sun Veldt 5, Sun Veldt 6: 2 Chalices, The Secret Veldt Alley: 2 Chalices (Secret), Sun Veldt 7, Sun Veldt 8
Shroomia Shroomia 1, Shroomia 2, Shroomia 3: 2 Chalices, Shroomia 4, Shroomia 5, Shroomia 6
Dread Marsh Dread Marsh 1, Dread Marsh 2, Dread Marsh 3, The Secret Healer's Den (Secret), Dread Marsh 4
Foothills Foothills 1, Foothills 2, Foothills 3
Summit Summit 1, Summit 2, Summit Basin (Secret), Summit 3, Summit 4, Summit 5, Summit 6, Summit 7
Prism Rift Prism Rift 1: 3 Chalices, Prism Rift 2: 2 Chalices
Shrub Isles "Shurb" Isles, Lucky Isles, Petal Isles, Pinnacle Isles, Honeycomb Isles, Boneyard Isles, Snake Isles, Peace Isles, The Secret Isles (Secret), Maze Isles: 2 Chalices
Totem Shire The Ancient Totem, Totem Shire 1, The Secret Garden (Secret), Totem Shire 2, Totem Shire 3, Totem Shire 4, Totem Shire 5, Totem Shire 6, Totem Shire 7, Totem Shire 8, Totem Shire 9, Totem Shire 10, Totem Shire 11, Totem Grid (Secret), Totem Shire 12
Drakeshire Drakeshire 1, Drakeshire 2, Drakeshire 3, The Healer (Secret), Drakeshire 4, Drakeshire 5, Drakeshire 6, Drakeshire 7, Drakeshire 8, Drakeshire 9, Drakeshire 10, Drakeshire 11
Fjord Fjord 1, Great Fjord (Secret), Fjord 2, Fjord 3, Fjord 4, Fjord 5: 5 Chalices (2 on iOS), Fjord 6: 2 Chalices (1 on iOS), Fjord 7: 2 Chalices (1 on iOS), Fjord 8, Fjord 9: 3 Chalices (2 on iOS), Fjord 10, Fjord 11, Fjord 12, Fjord 13, Fjord 14, Fjord 15, Fjord 16, Fjord 17, Fjord 18, Fjord 19, Fjord 20
Grimshire Grimshire 1, Grimshire 2, Grimshire ??? (Secret), Grimshire 3, Grimshire 4, Grimshire 5, Grimshire 6, Grimshire 7, Grimshire 8
  • ... more levels coming soon ...

Tips & Tricks Edit

  • Always try merging 5 and not 3. There's a few levels that can't be finished if you merge 3. However, keep in mind that a few levels have goals that forcing you to merge 3, otherwise you won't be able to complete them.
  • Try to merge from land to save the healing points for other dead land.
  • Zoom completely out to see what's there. Sometimes there's more stuff that you don't see at first glance.
  • Familiarize yourself with the goals you need to do to get all 3 Goal Stars.
  • Most levels need merging Gaia Statues to win but there's a few that have other Goals. Check that out too.

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