Summary Edit

Lone Grove is one of the first levels that is healed entirely by merging objects next to identical ones on dead land, which pulls those objects off dead land to instantly heal it, while also triggering "Heal Extenders". Done correctly, it is a rather quick level.

Walkthrough Edit

Step 1

Lone Grove - 1 - Merge Eggs

Step 2

Lone Grove - 2 - Merge Green Grass

Step 3

Lone Grove - 3 - Merge Seeds or Saplings

Step 4

Lone Grove - 4 - Merge Ruby Grass

Step 5

Lone Grove - 5 - Merge Green Egggs

Step 6

Lone Grove - 6 - Merge Life Flower Sprouts

Step 7

Lone Grove - 7 - Merge Tanzanite Grass

Step 8

Lone Grove - 8 - Merge Life Flower Sprouts

Step 9

Lone Grove - 9 - Make a Blue Life Flower

Step 10

Lone Grove - 10 - Merge Blue Life Flowers

Step 11

Lone Grove - 11 - Make another Young Fruit Tree

Step 12

Lone Grove - 12 - Merge Young Fruit Trees

Step 13

Lone Grove - 13 - Win!

Trivia Edit

In the original Mazza Studios version, Super Dead Land used to require 10000 essence to heal, instead of reading "Immune". This used to cause some players to get stuck, thinking Super Dead Land needed to be healed with Life Essence, which would take an improbably long time.

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