Summary Edit

Magic Currency (aka Magic Coins) is used to buy Dragon Eggs or construct Tattered Coin Vaults. They are stored at the Magic Coin Storage. When merged, Dimensional Jars will not be created.

How to get (Magic Coins) Edit

These sources give Magic Coins that can be merged.

How to get (Magic Currency) Edit

These sources give Magic Currencies that are directly stored in the Magic Coin Storage.

For quests involved merging or tapping any kind of coins, the term 'coin' apply also for levels 6 to 9 (the gems).

Level Size Rarity Name Description Worth
1 1x1 Common Tiny Magic Coin Tap to collect, or Merge. (Collect coins, then buy stuff in the shop) 1
2 1x1 Common Magic Coin - Bronze Worth 4 Coins. 4
3 1x1 Common Magic Coin - Silver A nice emblem. Worth 15 Coins. 15
4 1x1 Uncommon Magic Coin - Gold A valuable emblem. Worth 50 Coins. 50
5 1x1 Uncommon Magic Coin - Spellium Fetches a nice value. Worth 175 Coins. 175
6 1x1 Rare Magic Gem of Blood Ooo, sparkly! Worth 550 Coins. 550
7 1x1 Rare Magic Gem of Tears Wow, shimmers! Worth 2000 Coins. 2000
8 1x1 Epic Magic Gem of Fate Aaaahh, pretty! Worth 7500 Coins. 7500
9 1x1 Legendary Magic Gem of Life Woah... Very valuable! Worth 25K Coins. 25K

Best Way To Accumulate Gold Edit

There are two known sources to give high amount of gold - Midas Trees and Mystical Fruit Trees.

Midas Trees Edit

By taking into consideration 1,000 stamina consumed on Midas Trees we would get 200 merges of 5, and so 400 merge results.

The chances for each merging result of Golden Apples are as follows:

50% chance of Giant Golden Apples, 26% chance of Magic Currency - Gold, 16.2% chance for Midas Egg Chest and 7.8% for Midas Nest Vault.

So from 400 merging results we'd get:

200 Giant Golden Apples

104 Magic Currency - Gold

64.8 Midas Egg Chests

31.2 Midas Nest Vaults

Now, we'd take the 200 Giant Golden Apples and merge them as well. 40 merges of 5, and so 80 merge results.

The chances of each merging result of Giant Golden Apples are as follows:

50% chance of Large Apple, 17.4% chance of Magic Currency - Gold, 21.7% chance for Midas Egg Chest and 10.9% chance for Midas Nest Vault.

So from 80 merge results we'd get:

40 Golden Apple of the Cosmos

13.92 Magic Currency - Gold

17.36 Midas Egg Chests

8.72 Midas Nest Vaults

and in total from 1000 stamina on Midas Trees:

40 Golden Apple of the Cosmos(30 gold each)=1,200

117.92 Magic Currency - Gold(50 gold each)=5,896

82.16 Midas Egg Chests(20 gold each)=1,643.2

39.92 Midas Nest Vaults(40 gold each)=1,596.8

So a total of 10,336 gold right away, though one naturally would merge the golden coins further instead of imediate tapping:

~115 +3 Magic Currecny - Gold(5,750 + 150)=45 + 2 Magic Currency - Spellium(7,875 +350) = 15 + 3 Magic Gem of Blood(8,250 + 1,650 + 350)=5 + 2 Magic Gem of Tears(10,000 + 4,000 + 350)=2 Magic Gem of Fate(15,000 + 4,000 + 350)=19,350 Gold.

So a true total of 23,790 Gold from 1,000 stamina.

Mystical Fruit Tree(Watermelons) Edit

By taking into consideration 1,000 stamina as well, there are two paths the can be chosen:

Harvest 1,000 Watermelons and merge them or harvest 500 Watermelons and harvest each one individually.

Merging result chances are still missing, once the exact precents will be achieved this section would be updated.

Verdict Edit

Long Story Short - Harvesting watermelons in either way is more benefical stamina wise than merging Golden Apples, though time wise it would take longer for dragons to harvest the watermelons and the mystical fruit tree, and also only veteran players would be able to actually use this method, while midas trees can be obtained in high amount fairy early in the game.

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