Summary Edit

Magic Currency (aka Magic Coins) is used to buy Dragon Eggs or construct Tattered Coin Vaults. They can be obtained from Treasure Chests, merging Fruit (including Golden Apples) or Amber, or tapping Coin Vaults. They are stored at the Magic Coin Storage.

Midas Ducks also leave them behind randomly.

For quests involved merging or tapping any kind of coin, the term 'coin' apply also for levels 6 to 9 (the gems).

Level Size Rarity Name Description Worth
1 1x1 Common Tiny Magic Coin Tap to collect, or Merge. (Collect coins, then buy stuff in the shop) 1
2 1x1 Common Magic Coin - Bronze Worth 4 Coins. 4
3 1x1 Common Magic Coin - Silver A nice emblem. Worth 15 Coins. 15
4 1x1 Uncommon Magic Coin - Gold A valuable emblem. Worth 50 Coins. 50
5 1x1 Uncommon Magic Coin - Spellium Fetches a nice value. Worth 175 Coins. 175
6 1x1 Rare Magic Gem of Blood Ooo, sparkly! Worth 550 Coins. 550
7 1x1 Rare Magic Gem of Tears Wow, shimmers! Worth 2000 Coins. 2000
8 1x1 Epic Magic Gem of Fate Aaaahh, pretty! Worth 7500 Coins. 7500
9 1x1 Legendary Magic Gem of Life Woah... Very valuable! Worth 25K Coins. 25K

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