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Magic Moon Event was the first in-game event which lasted 3 days— from the 15th to 18th of September 2017 for iOS and from the 6th to 9th of October 2017 for Android. The main draw was the introduction of event-limited Moon Dragons.

For the duration of the event, a new level was available. It could be accessed either from the camp or from the levels map. The goal of said level was to make enough event points to afford the 10 prizes offered (which, once achieved, were sent to the camp just like any level completion award). The level could not be reset, although it required no chalices to begin or resume.

In order to participate, an internet connection must have been presented. Connectivity issue during the event would have resulted in prohibiting the abillity to participate and freezing the progress in the level until connection was re-established.

The event was a bit easier for Android players, requiring 6,910 less points in order to complete the final goal.

Goals Edit

The event offered 10 prizes, one for each tier of points accumulated. Every time sufficient points were achieved, the counter was reset for the next goal. The points could be achieved by tapping Moon Fruits which could be achieved either by harvesting/tapping Moon Trees, healing the dead land, harvesting meteorites or opening Space Chests and Secret Space Capsules.

The prizes were as follows:

Reward Number Name Description Required Points(iOS) Required Points(Android)
1 Moon Dragon Egg The egg of a dragon beyond this world. 3 3
2 Magnificent Dragon Star Mythical 22 22
3 Moon Dragon Egg The egg of a dragon beyond this world. 235 235
4 Nice Coin Vault +75 Coin Storage! 420 355
5 Moon Dragon Egg The egg of a dragon beyond this world. 640 400
6 Life Tree Sprout - Level 8 Rare 1,560 1,865
7 Nest of Moon Dragon Eggs Tap to collect eggs! 3,870 2,520
8 Dino Rock - Level 8 Epic 5,400 3,600
9 Ancient Fruit Tree - Level 9 Epic 6,570 5,400
10 Noble Moon Dragon - Level 4 Trophy Dragon Power: 150 11,230 8,640
Total 29,950 23,040

The 29,950 point total was roughly equivalent to one level 9 and two level 8 Moon Fruits.(iOS)

The 23,040 point total was roughly equivalent to one level 9 and one level 8 Moon Fruits.(Android)

Magic Moon Goals

Shops Edit

In the event, various offers related to Dragon Gems were available.

Secret Space Capsules Edit

Three types of event treasure capsules were offered during the event. Though given level values and a match chain screen, they did not actually merge. A bronze capsule could be bought for free once every 3 hours. The shop could be accessed from the bottom right of the screen in the level. One silver and one gold were presented on the level's map.

Name Rarity Description Guaranteed Rewards Possible Rewards Price (Dragon Gems)
Bronze Treasure Capsule Uncommon Bronze Treasure Capsule - Level 1 5+ points Bones, Emerald Plains Grass, Rain Puddles, Mushroom Caps, Magic Mushroom Caps, Life Essence, Crescent Moon Fruit, Waxing Moon Fruit 8
Silver Treasure Capsule Silver Treasure Capsule - Level 2 150+ points Moon Tree Sprout, Tanzanite Egg, Full Moon Fruit, Super Moon Fruit 60
Gold Treasure Capsule Gold Treasure Capsule - Level 3 300 - 1500 points Wondrous Life Orb, Nest of Tanzanite Eggs 290

Note: Only the italicized items were listed as possible rewards in the Secret Space Capsules shop.

Secret Space Capsules Shop

Event Shop Edit

A special shop was available during the event, and all items could be bought with gems. The shop could be accessed from the bottom right of the screen, under the Secret Space Capsules shop.

Name Description Price (Dragon Gems)
Wondrous Life Orb Tap to heal land. Healing Power: 1024 38
Moon Tree Sprout Harvest for a Crescent Moon Fruit for the special Moon Event! 30
Moon Tree Sapling Harvest for a Crescent Moon Fruit for the special Moon Event! 70
Young Moon Tree Harvest for a Crescent Moon Fruit for the special Moon Event! 160
Carniverous Shroom Harvest for more shrooms, or if you're lucky, a Fungus Log! 10
Emerald Plains Grass Merge for a Life Flower Bud 6
Prism Flowers Smell the rainbow! Can sometimes tap for Healing Power! 10
Ruby Plains Grass Merge for a Life Flower Bud 6
Green Dream Shrooms Strangely attractive. Harvesting might give a Fungus Log! OMG! 10
Water Grass may grow nearby, or something magical... 10
Tanzanite Plains Grass Merge for a Life Flower Bud 6

One-Time Offer Edit

One time offer was presented, which could be accessed from the top right of the screen all the time of the event. For 10$ (in the U.S., the price varied depending on the country of the user), you could get 60 Dragon Gems, 3000 points and 1,100 Magic Currency.

One-Time Offer

Unique Behaviors Edit

Though most items behaved the same, some nerfs were added especially for this level in order to make it harder:

  • Golden Apples Nerf - Golden Apples don't create any chests. In addition, the merging barely gives advanced tiers, and the rewards are life flowers, bronze, and gold magic coins.
  • Overall Dragon Chests Nerf - as with the Golden Apples, not even a single merge chain will grant dragon chests. The only way to get more dragons is to make Wonders.
  • Treasure Chests Nerf - like the two above, removed the drops of dragon eggs from treasure chests.

Guide Edit

Written by Shaked

The level start with 3 lvl 1 Moon Fruits which can be tapped or merged. (better tap the first time or the little arrow above won't disappear). Merge the Life Flower Sprout to the other two on the dead land. Merge the Crimson Dragon egg to the other two on the dead land. Catch any Life Flower Seed that floats by and let it grow by itself into a life flower sprout.

From then, farm the life flowers, and merge objects on dead land when possible. Always merge 5 if possible, look at the dead land ahead (even sometimes very far ahead), to see if there are more of the object you're about to merge, and even if you do have 5, you may want to keep them to heal that land, as the healing needed for each tile rises from 50 to 500 to 5000 the deeper the tile is within the level.

Once the lvl 3 Prism Flower is unlocked, farm it for Dragon Tree Leaves until you create a lvl 4 Dragon Tree, which you then farm for Elderwood. Merge the Elderwood for creating the Tiny Cabin for Hedge Gnomes. Tap the cabin and make space around it so it will be able to spawn more lvl 1 Bushes. Keep harvesting wood and make cabins and bushes until you have got the tenth wonder - Ruins of the Sky Palace. One is enough, but you can create two (Android: 2 are reccomended due to lesser drops), however that might be very time consuming. Along the way, tap the bushes for the Magic Mushrooms, you will need those for later dead land merging/healing.

Once the wonder has been created, tap it and make as much dragons as possible with the Tanzanite Eggs, mind to keep 1 or 2 tanzanite mystery eggs as you might need it/them for future dead land merging/healing.

After that, you should have 2 lvl 3 Fruit Trees which will generate Life Flower Sprouts and about 5-7 dragons. Merge Life Flowers, always 5 if possible until you reach lvl 5 life flowers (Twin Life Flowers), don't merge those any further, even if you have got more than 5. Double tap those non-stop until all the healed land is full with Tiny Life Orbs. Afterwards, merge them, all at once. Rinse and repeat. Start healing, first the bottom area where tiles' amount of Death (HP needed to heal that tile) goes from 50 to 500 at the tip. Then continue north to the 500 tiles there. By the time you get the water, you can make some space around it so it will spawn Grass. Let it die so it will become Necromancer Grass, which will help in later dead land merging/healing or making higher level Prism Flowers. Continue until all land is healed. To heal all land approximately 4-5 lvl 9 Life Orbs are required in total, of course you will only make about 2 as the rest will be activated before as lower levels. If you do have the patience to not temp and click the lower levels of life orbs and wait for lvl 9 it will have the best outcome.

After all the land is healed, you should have: 2 lvl 2 Moon Trees, 4 lvl 3 Moon Trees, 2 lvl 4 Moon Trees and 2 lvl 5 Moon Trees. DO NOT merge them. Instead, Harvest all the Meteorites if left, merge all the Moon Fruits, always 5. You should have about 4 lvl 8 Moon Fruits.

Drag all of the Moon Trees to the edge of the land, in a way in which they don't merge with each other, (of course), and harvest them non-stop until the land is full with Moon Fruits, merge them all, rinse and repeat, until you have enough points for all your goal rewards. Enjoy.

Rinse and Repeat - Life Orb Farming

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