The Dragon World has some Wonders which are the highest item of certain Merge Chains. They can be initially tapped for lots of goodies.

Most of them cannot be merged further and give further rewards every x hours actively played in Camp.

Dragonfire Shroom Forest isn't a wonder however acts like one, therefore included in the table, however note it doesn't considered as an official wonder.

The info given is currently for the Gram Games v1.6.4 (Android) except the frequency which is for v1.7 and up

# Name Tap Rewards Frequency Spawns/Harvest Chain
1 Remains of The Dragon God Mound of Rich Stuff 5 hours Dragon Trees & Glowing Dragon Trees
2 Rainbow! Baby Rainbows Life Flowers
3 Ensnared Virtue Sharp Dragons Eggs/Nests, Living Stones 8 hours 20 minutes Moss Covered Stones Grass
4 Fountain of Youth Sapphire Mystery Nests, Roc Nests, Rain Puddles .  10 hours Rain Puddles Hills
5 Stonehenge Zomblins, Stone Bricks, Rock Dragon Eggs 10 hours Stone Bricks, Zomblins Living stones
6 Bottled Ocean Bonus PointsChained Treasure Chests and Piles of Riches 1 hour 6 minutes Piles of Riches Water
7 Trinity Dome Bonus Points, Life Orbs 10 hours Prism Flowers
8 Magic Beanstalk Life Flowers 10 hours Fruit Trees
9 The Golden Mushroom Piles of Riches, Dragon Eggs 10 hours Magic CoinsHero Mushrooms, Piles of Riches Magic Mushrooms
10 Ruins of the Sky Palace Tanzanite Eggs/Nests, Dragon Chests containing Tanzanite Eggs/Nests 10 hours Bushes
Not Wonder Dragonfire Shroom Forest 10 hours Mushrooms

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