Zomblins are evil and destroy your land. They can't destroy land in camp.

When destroyed Zomblins leave behind graves and sometimes, Magic Coins, Life Flowers or Treasure Chests

They can be merged out of petrified Zomblins or appear out of Zomblin caves

Stonehenge occasionally produces a Zomblin.

Merging Grimm Chest of Suffering have a chance to spawn a Swamp Zomblin.

Level Name Description Life Points Graves Loot Picture
1 Rotten Zomblin Evil! Destroys the Land 6 Fresh Grave ?
2 Woodland Zomblin Evil! Destroys the Land 12 Fresh Grave ?
3 Swamp Zomblin Evil! Destroys the Land 30 Corwin's Tomb ?
4 Dragon-Eater Zomblin Evil! Destroys the Land 100 Corwin's Tomb ?
Unknown zomblin

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